Our Story / Background

Our Story / Background

Who We Are?

We are a family of like-minded people who inspire each other to achieve success and reach our true potential by selling Gabriella Lavigne cosmetics and networking.

We have discovered that some people are good at selling and converting people to become loyal clients to the brand Gabriella Lavigne. Others are good at recruiting others to be distributors of the brand. Those who are good at selling, they have the opportunity to buy our products at a discount and resell at a profit.

Those who are good at networking, Gabriella Lavigne offers the best compensation plan for recruiting others to our business. Most people opt to do both selling the product while recruiting as well. To know more about our compensation plan, read more on the Gabriella Lavigne Business opportunity.

We are very proud to say that Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics is making a tangible difference in the lives of many people. Some agents are supporting their families through the extra income they get by selling our products. Others are realising their dreams by recruiting. We are indeed fulfilling our mission of empowering people and alleviating poverty.

Love It! Share It! Live It!

Every day, hundreds of people experience the excitement of joining the Gabriella Lavigne family of like-minded men and women who inspire each other, to reach their true potential and achieve the things they have always dreamt of in a supportive environment. Once you are a fully registered Gabriella Lavigne Agent, you automatically qualify to start buying stock at discounted prices and to start recruiting.

Nature! Love! Science!

Our in-house scientific and development team processes and utilizes scientific research to ensure that our products contain high quality ingredients.
Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the perfume industry coupled with our keen awareness of consumer demands, we have been able to dedicate ourselves to providing a range of outstanding quality fragrances at affordable prices. Our perfumes are made from the finest imported oils from France and are manufactured as Eau de Perfumes with 40% oil to stringent international. Our make up range is unique and in a world of it’s own.